• Kaitlyn Chatwood

A 'Bad Tattoo' is good for the soul

This week at London’s Jazz Café, Lola Young will perform two shows to showcase her incredible vocals and mark a return to the live stage. It sold out within minutes which demonstrates her rising celebrity and her fans poignant desire to celebrate her music.

Her vocals are stunning and her lyrics hit the mark. In every song across her debut collection of tracks ‘Intro’ and her ‘Renaissance’ EP, she brings her own experience and lessons which go beyond her years. This new collection is no exception. Over the last year, she has worked with acclaimed producer Paul Epworth to create tracks such as ‘Bad Tattoo’, ‘Woman’ and ‘Ruin my Makeup’. Each song marks something new within herself, whether that is a celebration or recognising a scar for what it’s worth.

‘Bad Tattoo’ is that scar. It is a bittersweet, tragic love song but she brings a different element as she recognises that pain simply won’t go away. You can learn from it and grow. The song is emotionally evocative as she describes the issues around recovering from a toxic relationship, and, like a bad tattoo, you might not show the pain, but you won’t regret what you have gained.

Lola herself explains; "Bad tattoo is a song I wrote about falling in love and not knowing whether it's going to last, young love can be real hard sometimes. However I've recently realised the beauty in the temporary nature of love, the fact that it can come and go, it can leave you feeling the worst you could ever feel yet it can be the most beautiful thing in the world. Bad tattoo talks about the permanence of relationships, not necessarily lasting but the lasting effect it has on a person, the understanding and learning you must go through when experiencing life with some and finally coming to peace with the fact that it can leave you scarred like a real bad fucking tattoo".

You can listen to her incredible vocals live on her new release.

Her other song and video ‘Woman’ is equally unforgettable. Her vocals brings strength to a transcendent and passively erotic video. The video was directed by Olivia Rose and was not intended for any other purpose than for women to celebrate women.

Lola Young released a statement about the video; “I wanted to make this video because I believe women are all undeniably strong, sexy, free, brave, vulnerable, raw and powerful. And that we do not have to hide away. We do not have to remain unseen, our bodies should never be sexualized or a taboo conversation, or only seen through the male gaze. We have the ability to normalize our bodies being on show, and accept them for their differences, as it’s important to remember those differences are currently often shamed. I came up with the idea of the women in the video being fully nude. The energy on set was insane, I have never felt more empowered in my life. Nipples, bums, rolls, stretch marks, cellulite, all of these things are beautiful along with the ‘perfect’ body. This is my personal experience of being a woman, hopefully other women will have their own take on what it means to them”.

The 20-year-old singer and songwriter has exceptional talent and is wonderfully creative in her music and her music videos. Each of those videos brings a raw element of herself to the screen. She is an honest and soul-bearing artist with a foundation of critical acclaim from Annie Mac, Clara Amfo, Benji B, Giles Peterson, Jo Wiley, Mistajam and DJ Target on the radio as well as British Vogue and CLASH Magazine for her previous tracks.

Her new releases should be treasured for the truths they bring to the listeners and we are on the edge of our seat, eagerly awaiting more.