• Kaitlyn Chatwood

All Together Now for Music and More

After the disaster that the last year has wrought, there are now over 500 independent music venues at an imminent risk of being closed down permanently. That is why the #saveourvenues campaign has been launched and who better to spearhead it than music artists themselves.

This mega group of 18 artists have released an old favourite ‘All Together Now’. The stars included are: The Lathums / The Lottery Winners / Zuzu / Jamie Webster / Red Rum Club / Cobain Jones / Fitzroy Holt / Jim Shamrock / Megan Wyn / Nikki & the Waves / Rats / Rianne Downey / Serotones / Shambolics / The Crooks / The K’s / The Royston Club / Trampolene.

The video and song are an inspiration to keep going amid the chaos and that the end is nearing sight. Sung with passion, optimism as well as the joining of all these incredible artists in one song brings a new hope for the grassroots music industry.

All the proceeds go to the @MusicVenueTrust from streamings, downloads and merchandise. These artists have pledged their time and energy this summer to keep music venues open to pay tribute to the places which gave them their voices and in order to allow for new artists to take the stage and show what they can do. In a bigger sense, these venues keep the industry thriving with new talent and new voices.

This music collaboration was created through the Artists United Collective Project, which was formed through a collaboration of its own kind between Scott’s Menswear, This Feeling, Liverpool (label and management company), Modern Sky UK and Rich Turvey who is working out of Parr Street Studios.

Paul Ramsdale of Scott’s Menswear said of the campaign initiative: “Our iconic small venues not only provide the path for artists on their way to greatness, but provide a sense of pride, community and celebration of both the local and national music scenes. ‘All Together Now’ being sung by exciting, new talent at a time when we’re emerging from a long period of lockdown should inspire us all to dig deep to make sure those venues are still around, whilst celebrating a long summer of festivals, football and renewed togetherness.” Dave Pichilingi, CEO of Modern Sky UK, added: “We’ve so much music talent around the UK and, simply, they will have nowhere to grow if we lose live venues. It’s a battle that we’re very much in together, so recording a new version of ‘All Together Now’ with some of the artists that have come through, and still love playing our at-risk venues made perfect sense. This summer brings hope in music, football, vaccines, festivals and sunshine and this anthem fits that sense of optimism.”

The song was first released in 1990 by The Farm where it reached No. 4 in the UK Singles Chart. It has since been repurposed and released another three times to coincide with a major football tournament. In 1995, the Everton FA Cup Final recorded a version ahead of their Wembley appearance. In 2004, the song was reworked with DJ Spoony and became the official Euro song; and finally in 2006, Atomic Kitten and the mascot Goleo VI recreated it for the 2006 World Cup. This year, the song was released a fortnight before Turkey and Italy kick off the delayed Euro 2021 competition in Rome.

It is no wonder then that The Music Venue has chosen this song of hope to pull everyone together to help keep the music venues going until we can safely return to enjoy live music once more.

The #saveourvenues website is here and features incredibly useful tools. Artists have the option to create events, fans can choose a local music venue to specifically donate to and a map is provided to allow fans to find those closest to them. The website suggests fans should create a ‘watch party’ on Facebook when events are available. It also offers a ‘stream toolkit’ which artists can use to set up a live stream. For venues, it offers ‘campaign tips’ to help promote and create events. All the money created through The Music Venue trust will go towards protecting these venues.

The general crowdfunding page has surpassed its £1 million target and continues to keep pulling donations. The website also has a link to a petition in which they are trying stop the £120 million spending on the Festival of Britain 2022, and instead repurpose the money towards music, arts and social centres around the country.

This song is another phase to help bring artists together to protect our local, independent music venues. Artists and fans alike are coming together to save these places and the song is truly a symbol of the optimism we can now start to feel.