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Beautiful simplicity: "My Youth" by Danielle Lewis

The new track by the welsh singer and songwriter is now available on all major streaming platforms

“My Youth” on the surface seems simple, lacking any major decoration or embellishment. However, it is far beyond that, acting as beautiful and heartfelt piece of music empowered by its melodies and lyrics.

“My Youth” finds Danielle reflecting on coming-of-age and the constant sense of confusion and discomfort that comes with that aspect of life. As Danielle states

My Youth” was written from a sense of feeling adrift and floating through life, particularly in my younger years.’ The lyrics touch upon accepting a part of my youth and allowing the waves of emotion to flow through without judgement.”

Written by Danielle Lewis and produced by Secondson (who also contributes acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, piano, vibraphone here), the single also features drums by Lauren Morgan and both acoustic and electric guitar from TJ Roberts. ‘My Youth’ was recorded at Sail Loft Studios (Cardiff). Mixing & Mastering was contributed by Leon West at After Life Studios (Cardiff).

On “My Youth” the subtle arrangements provide ample room for Danielle to carry a sense of gravity through the lyrics and her vocal performance. This was an intentional decision, with Danielle wanting the production of the track to merely act as a platform for her words ‘I wanted the simplicity of the production to feel sorrowful yet grow in optimism while searching for a place of self-acceptance’ she says.

Breathtakingly vulnerable and intrinsically relatable, “My Youth” is an understatedly beautiful new release from one of Wales’ most inspiring new artists. It is released on all major streaming platforms today. Listen to the track now on Spotify


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