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Brand new addition to Poppy's music evolution

2021 has been busy for Poppy with exciting announcements throughout the year – a grammy nomination, her single ‘Fear of Dying’ and now her newest album drop – ‘Flux’.

“lands somewhere between the sonic extremes of her previous work, marrying heavy distortion with sticky pop hooks.” - NEW YORK TIMES “nine tight, hook-focused songs that favor front-to-back consistency over constant mayhem — drawing on stoner-metal (‘Lessen the Damage’), pop-punk (‘Mean’), new wave (‘Hysteria’) and shoegaze-y dream-pop (‘As Strange As It Seems’) in satisfying bursts.”SPIN

Poppy has released her brand-new album ‘Flux’ which has received much attention from critics and fans alike. ‘Flux’ is the next step in the artist’s music evolution with a pop style guitar soundtrack and bouncy lyrics but her rock roots come through with her indelible vocal melodies.

Her Flux album proves to be a concise, satisfying alternative rock album. The title track holds sinister verses but with an adorable pop style voice, the messages are almost glazed over. You will be entranced with the first hearing and need another replay (and maybe another) before the lyrics sink in. The video also pushes this idea of innocent, pink, bubblegum candy hills smoothing over the hidden issues. Directed by Poppy herself, you will find yourself in a candy-coated world, but luckily Poppy keeps that old rock twist throughout. Justin Meldal-Johnsen has been instrumental in the production of the album and the video; working closely with Poppy, he had the band record live to tape to accentuate the warmth of the arrangements.

The typical rock scream resonates with her deeper vocals across her other songs and music videos such as ‘So Mean’. The pink candy girl appears once more in vocals and visuals with an unusual and unique twist in her singing and appearance.

‘Her’, which is also accompanied by a video, and ‘Lesson the Damage’ are current favourites among fans from the brand-new album as everyone rushes to hear the latest evolution from this eclectic and fiery singer.

Poppy’s album comes out hot on the heels of her last EP ‘Eat’ which was released June this year. It was a collaboration with the wrestling program WWE NXT, and has been hailed as one of her most successful music releases to date due to its unique sound and exploration into the links of rock and pop.

Poppy was nominated earlier this year for a Grammy for ‘Best Metal Performance’ with her track ‘Bloodmoney’. As the first female to ever be nominated in this category, this is a success.

Fans are excited to celebrate this new addition to her music collection and eagerly watch the next steps in Poppy’s evolution as an artist, waiting to see the new surprises she has in store.

Check out Poppy's new music video here.