• Kaitlyn Chatwood

Cassyette breaks out with 'Prison Purse'

British rock singer and songwriter Cassyette has released a new single ‘Prison Purse’ to start your summer off with an explosive boost.

Cassyette has worked as a DJ and a songwriter for various artists, as well as working on her own music. ‘Dear Goth’ was her other single released earlier this year and ‘Prison Purse’ marks her talent for the hard rock scene with searing guitars and brass vocals. This song also reflects her rage which she cannot contain anymore as she demands we listen to her vivid imagery and fiery lyrics. For fans of Pink!, which incidentally is the artist Cassyette most looks up to, this song will bring you back to the rock scene with her heavy bass, and blazing vocals, which is reminiscent of Pink!’s earliest, more rock based music. The heaviest guitar based song she has released so far, this songs notes a path away from her previous songs. Cassyette says; “Prison purse is a fuck you anthem to anyone who has ever violated you. It’s about not letting SA define you, and taking your power back.”

Cassyette is on the up and coming as an artist and many are looking forward to her future releases since she has received praise from Radio 1 and MTV, along with her strong social media support: over 82k followers on Instagram and 1 million on TikTok. Her well-deserved presence continues to grow within the industry as she reached over 1 million streams on Spotify alone. ‘Prison Purse’ and ‘Dear Goth’ are filled with her incredible vocals and interspersed with the rock anthems of a searing guitar.

You can listen to her new single on Spotify here.