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The Line of Best Fit. – One to watch for sure MTV. – What Cassyette creates is a raw and authentic sound that redefines the laws of modern music Clash. – CassyetteFlamboyant, outrageous, and more than a little illicit - that's

Today sees up-and-coming artist Cassyette release her incredible new single, ‘Dear Goth’, out now via Devil Land.

Rock music is about to get a shot in the arm from Cassyette, a no-holds-barred musician from Essex who is loudly and unashamedly reclaiming her rock roots. Her journey has taken her through a mix of genres and the result is a chest thumping mix of pop, rock and metal, addressing everything from feminism to trauma. Dear Goth is full of religious imagery, a gut-punch of a song about where we find spirituality and belonging in a godless society (Cassyette herself is an atheist). It follows winding melodies with guttural screams, like a hymn sung by the devil. It’s clear that Cassyette is loud, proud and taking absolutely no shit from anyone.

Talking about Dear Goth, Cassyette says “It's about feeling sick of society's standards, brainwashing systems and feeling like you don't belong. So many people live their lives feeling suppressed because the people around them and the world reject them, so they are scared to be their true selves. I feel that. Although the song is dark Dear Goth is an idea that we can be free to be and believe whatever we want.” Cassyette has spent the last few months locked in her makeshift home studio. Lit by fairy lights and watched over by Baby Yoda and Hello Kitty, she has been finessing the last of the songs for her upcoming album, [Cassyette], all in a little pink box room in her home in Essex. “I think now the music has turned this corner - it’s so, so heavy now. You could even compare it to dance music in ways, at its core.” Working with The Prodigy collaborator Olly Burden has also brought those hardcore dance sounds out. “So, then it became so clear in my head to draw from what I was making when I was DJing as well as the rock influence. So now I combine the two, with all the pop top lines.”. Cassyette has amassed a great social following with 59.6k followers on Instagram, 17.8k monthly listeners on Spotify, and nearly 1 million followers on TikTok with over 15 million likes. With influences such as her all-time favourite band, Motley Crue and Pink!, who she cites as the artist she most looks up to. There’s a generation of girls out there about to feel the same about Cassyette. Watch out world, she’s coming.