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Dashel launches two new colours in its range of sustainable Re-Cycle cycle helmets

Dashel is this week launching two new colours in its new range of slim stylish and sustainable cycle helmets.

Joining the core colours of black, mid-blue, sage green and red, will be Navy Blue and Christmas 2020’s limited edition Sky Blue.

All Dashel’s Re-Cycle helmets have a distinctive urban feel and are made from recyclable materials – ensuring that they are low impact at the point of manufacture and produce very little waste at the end of life. When you’ve finished with your Re-Cycle helmet, return it to Dashel and they will recycle it for you, ensuring your helmet never ends up in landfill.

Each helmet is ventilated, light weight and super stylish. They are sold wrapped inside a handy rucksack that means there is no superfluous, wasteful packaging.

Each helmet is hand assembled and lightweight from 360 grams and comes with Dashel’s signature range of washable fit pads which wick away sweat.

Dashel’s helmets are all manufactured in the UK, with flexible production runs meaning that production can increased or decreased depending on demand. Dashel does not reject shells that may have faint flow lines, these are all part of the moulding process and ensure each helmet is unique. Dashel aims to be at the forefront of the circular economy by reducing waste during manufacture, designing and creating products that can be kept in use for as long as possible, and ensuring that when they do reach their end of life – they can be recycled.

“We are in the business of fashion, but we don’t do fast fashion.” Says Dashel’s founder Catherine Bedford, “Our business is founded on a principle to disrupt the fast motion that dictates much of the modern world, manufacturing, business practices and our fast way of life. Why? Because this constant speed is simply not good for our well-being or for the planet.”

The two new blue helmets come in three sizes and are priced £79. They are available from all good cycle retailers and online at www.Dashel.co.uk