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PR or Advertising Agency are always looking for that unfair advantage that will place their client in the forefront of their customers minds.  Successful brands look at disruption methods of marketing, something that grabs the attention of a potential customer and relays a story.

For our debut Scottish debut edition, you'll see a huge step forward, after a year of development, and one that will excite you and engage with you!

Introducing Pandemic Cover Scanning

After speaking with one of the UK's leading department stores, it was identified that customers may and staff may feel uncomfortable picking up printed copies of the magazine during a pandemic. We've overcome this by developing Cover Scanning on each of our new editions of our magazine portfolio. Readers will be able to scan by a smart phone the cover of the magazine which will open up a digital version of the magazine and provide them with FREE access, it's shareable too, from iPhone to iPad or via social media. This reduces the contact with surfaces tremendously. Available Now

Bringing Content to Life

We're bringing both advertisements and editorial features to life as we roll our our premium display options of embedded and pop-up videos in our digital magazine. The possibilities are endless, a tour of the historic castle, the roar of the engine, the story behind the brand, a message from the company director, a look around the new development, a guided tour around the hotel features and gold course, and so much more! Available Now

Take a look at an example of of pop up video in our enhanced media pack below:

Ideal for Hospitality

It's not just video we're connecting with. Advertisers can now link their menu or bookings page directly to our digital edition of the magazine. Again, the possibilities are endless.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss advertising in our publications, please click here and schedule a Zoom meeting.


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