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Hector Gannet comes back to Scotland with a double surprise.

Today, Hector Gannet releases his new EP ‘Into the Deep’ ahead of their tour later this month.

Hector Gannet has released their brand-new EP ‘Into the Deep’ with four folk-rock tracks which focus on environmental damage with soul-searching ballads and a soft rock guitar. The band will go on tour with their new EP this October with Scotland dates set for the 24th and 25th.

‘Into the Deep’ features a collaboration of artists including ‘Lanterns On The Lake’ and the EP as a whole focuses on the effects we as humans have upon nature. The Lanterns Radio edit of the 'Into the Deep' single features the stunning vocals of Hazel Wilde and was mixed by Paul Gregory from the same band. This song sheds light on the devastating effects of global warming. Another song ‘The Silent Spring’ reflects on the irresponsibility of those in power through the use of heartfelt lyrics and soft, haunting guitar melodies.

Aaron Duff's, the frontman of Hector Gannet, deep voice resonates and fluctuates with both genres, blending and pulling them together into devastatingly beautiful lyrics with the soft rock guitar.

Paul Gregory mixed the Hector Gannet debut album ‘Big Harcar’ and says about this EP; “Hector Gannet write exceptional songs, they have a unique ability to really capture the north east coastline and somehow turn it into music, 'Into The Deep' is a perfect example of this, a beautiful tune focusing on a difficult and important aspect of how nature is being affected, it was nice for us to work together and help highlight that fact. We are looking forward to having them play with us in Newcastle later this year.”

Aaron Duff as the frontman and the band continue to push for action for climate emergency and you will find their vinyl-only release is also sourced from sustainable materials.

Hector Gannet have received praise from stars such as Sam Fender and Tom Robinson for their work, including their debut album ‘Big Harcar’ and they are excited to tour this October.

Starting October 15th in North Shields and ending in York, with an additional performance in December with Lanterns on the Lake, Hector Gannet will in Glasgow and Edinburgh on October 24th and October 25th.

Check out their new EP released today and catch them on tour in Scotland this October.