• Amy Middleton


Following the release of his sophomore album Lei Line Eon earlier this month, experimental laptop musician and producer Iglooghost (aka Seamus Malliagh) has announced dates for his headline UK tour later this year.

For those of you less familiar with Iglooghost, Neō Wax Bloom was the breakthrough debut album from the Dorset-based electronic producer released in 2017, which saw the artist carefully and intricately craft a world that was endlessly fascinating and bewildering. Since then, Iglooghost has been steadily expanding this audio-visual universe, culminating in his latest LP Lei Line Eon. Steeped in extensive lore, Lei Line Eon was inspired by his hometown’s secretive tradition of ‘Lei Music’, a subgenre that is believed to summon phenomena such as floating lifeforms. He explains: “I have spent the past year and a half researching a lost tradition of my hilltop birthplace called ‘Lei Music’. This special genre has the ability to summon strange squeaking entities from invisible zones. These songs are transcribed to special discs called ‘Lei Disks’ – and are now hoarded and traded obsessively by modern day collectors’.

“There is no clear explanation of why the performance of Lei Music has such extraordinary effects”, he continues, “Some believe it could be related to a variety of properties unique to Dorset – such as high concentration of towering granite artefacts, floating pebble circles, and nearby landmarks’ alignments with otherworldly phenomena. The musical instruments that were traditionally played are suspected to have stimulated geoglyphic ley lines – and inadvertently operated as tools that created small rifts between worlds’.

Lei activity dates back thousands of years, however the music itself has been almost wholly confined to a geographic circle sprawling from Bodmin Moor to Blackmore Vale in the South West of England. The poor and essentially non-existent documentation of Lei Music was what led Iglooghost to establishing an institute dedicated to preserving and analysing Lei Music. To learn more about Lei Music, including an introduction to the genre, the practice of Daosing, the Moorlands, Pebble Networks and Celles, head over to https://www.leimusic.xyz/ to read extensive research papers from the Glyth Institute2.

Iglooghost’s six date UK tour kicks off in Glasgow at Mono on 2nd October 2021, finishing in Bristol on 11th October. General sale tickets available at 9am on 30th April. View the tour trailer below:

Tour Dates

02/10/2021 – Glasgow, Mono

04/10/2021 – Manchester, YES

05/10/2021 – Leeds, Belgrave Music Hall

06/10/2021 – London, XOYO

07/10/2021 – Brighton, Chalk

11/10/2021 – Bristol, Strange Brew