• Sonny Neil

Lana Del Ray returns with three brand new tracks

"Blue Banisters", "Text Book" and "Wildflower Wildfire" are now available on all major streaming platforms

Following the success of her 7th studio album “Chemtrails Over The Country Club,” Lana Del Rey has returned once more with three brand new tracks leading up to the release of her much anticipated 8th studio album.

The three tracks titled “Blue Banisters,” “Text Book” and “Wildflower Wildfire” were all written by Lana and recorded in Los Angeles, each representing a different facet of her musical style. "Blue Banisters" kicks off with Lana's tranquil yet powerful vocal performance. The track flows like rolling waves switching between prominent insturmentation and whispering melodies throughout its five minute runtime reminiscing on the both the peace and excitement that life has to offer.

"Text Book" may be the title of the track but the elements that comprise are anything but. Carrying a hint of noir in the instrumentals, both Lanas' vocals and the accompanying elementals regularly shift in tempo creating a sense of discomfortable as the track expresses different thoughts and emotions."

"Wildflower Wildfire" opens up with a solemn piano performance, later joined by Lana's haunting vocal performance 15 seconds in. These two elements on their own comprise the majority of the track, eventually building up to the tracks conclusion, where additional vocals and accompanying instrumentation emulating the growing flames of the wildfire.

All three tracks are now available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify. Click the links to listen to "Blue Banisters", "Text Book" and "Wildflower Wildfire" now.