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Laura Marling comes to Scotland this week

Laura Marling will be in Scotland this week on tour to celebrate her new album ‘Song For Our Daughter’.

After five years since her last tour, Laura Marling will be in Glasgow and Edinburgh as part of her UK tour to celebrate and connect with fans over her new album released in 2020, during lockdown.

Laura Marling has returned to the music scene with a beautifully elegant album which sweeps us away to delicate melodies which curve around her alluring voice. Her new album is a lusher sound than her previous records with an abundance of strings by Rob Moose and her unforgettable voice taking us away to an airy, peaceful space. Laura says about working with him; “I wanted to indulge in that, I just wanted to let him go free.”.

For her new album, Laura wanted to find and indulge in the same spaciousness which she had found with her music partner, Mike Lindsay (from Tunng) who together they formed the duo ‘Lump’. She credits her new perspective on song writing from working with him because, as Laura explains; “Lump gives me a totally different space, it’s just so much easier for me to have a really differentiated persona and the outcome is such a surprise to me.”

Laura knew exactly the vision she had in mind for her album; “I demoed everything really heavily, and re-edited loads of stuff. So I did all of the arrangements, I knew all the musicians I wanted to work with. I mixed the record with Dom [Monks — who has engineered several Marling albums]. And all of the backing vocals on this album I did at home because I wanted no one else’s opinion!”

Her album, while soothing with captivating guitar melodies, has moments of unexpected melodic poppiness with her tracks such as ‘Held Down’, ‘Blow by Blow’ and ‘For You’. She describes ‘Blow by Blow’ in particular as her homage to Paul McCartney.

Laura released Song For Our Daughter in the middle of lockdown in 2020 and has been met with widespread acclaim and adoration over her alluring album. She deservedly picked up Mercury Prize and Grammy award nominations.

Her UK tour started this week in Birmingham on the 4th and ends on the 22nd of October in London. On Thursday 7th October, she will perform in SWG3 Galvanisers in Glasgow and on the 8th of October, she will be in Edinburgh at the Queens Hall.

The route to the new album has been long in the making. After her last tour, she stepped away from her record label and management and did something unexpected – she formed LUMP with Mike Lindsay which was a huge success for her personal growth as a songwriter as well as for the duo themselves.

Laura distanced herself from the concept of ‘Laura Marling’ to explore something new within herself. Her work with Lindsay and her masters degree in psychoanalysis allowed her the space to think differently and she was able to push herself to write beyond the known edges of herself. Laura explains about her song writing after her last tour that it “felt too much like similar rewritings of other ones”.

Time away from who she was and the ability to settle down for a time living with and near her sisters in London as allowed Laura the space to reconnect and find new edges within herself. Marling built a studio in her basement where she spent her time enjoying doing experimentation with sound. This is her first record written in one place rather than travelling and her contentment with her current place seeps through the songs which has also allowed her to step away from confessional song writing.

Laura Marling is excited to be back on tour to perform her incredible new album with fans in the UK and share her beautiful new songs from Song For Our Daughter

Scotland dates:

Thursday 7th of October – Glasgow – SWG3 Galvanisers

Friday 8th of October – Edinburgh – Queens Hall

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