• Kaitlyn Chatwood

Legendary Scottish bass player returns with new single

Legendary bass player and Scottish rock pioneer Alan Mair, who has worked with the likes of Freddie Mercury and David Bowie, returns with a new powerful single titled ‘Eyes to the Sky’. The musician hailing from Glasgow wrote, sung and produced his new song which will be released Friday 6th August. For those who are fans of his Scottish band ‘The Beatstalkers’ and the legendary rock band ‘The Only Ones’, Alan Mair’s energetic new song will transport you back to the 80s, reminding you of U2 and The Smiths with an ineluctable Scottish sound.

The dynamic song, with a tricky rhythm and emotional lyrics, is a moving and relatable tribute to moving forward in spite of difficult periods.

Alan Mair explains; “Eyes to the Sky is all about breakups. This one is referring to myself, but for sure it’s the same the world over. My girlfriend left saying she had met someone and wanted to move on. I was fine with that as I wanted to move on myself, but as soon as her plans all started to go wrong, she was back banging on my door looking for help.”

He also revealed his creative process; “my song writing always starts with a melody on the guitar and this one started with the 7/8 guitar intro hook, and it took a wee bit of time to sing the melody in this time code. Then the rest of the song followed in the same night.

“I have had a recording studio at home for a long time and first is to lay down the drum track which I do on drum pads. Next, I will lay down the guitar part and a guide vocal, followed by bass. I usually add some keyboards on most of my music as I have always liked that embellishment. Last is always laying down the master vocal. I have always loved being in the studios, it’s where I spend hours working with different tracks gradually arriving at the final master mix.”

Alan Mair is excited to release this song after so many years. He originally wrote the song in the 80’s and self-recorded a music video. It’s a throwback which still resonates today.

Alan’s love of music comes from his family who are all musicians, and he answered the call, starting his first band as a young lad in Glasgow called ‘The Beatstalkers’, which were later dubbed the “Scottish Beatles”. They went on to perform in George Square and became famous throughout Scotland. When the band broke-up in 1969, Alan turned his attention to creating leather boots and leather clothing, a rock staple in the 1970s, later opening several shops and a factory.

His most famous shop, situated in the heart of Kensington Market, was a hub for rockstars. Freddie Mercury came to work for him as his shop manager saying; ‘we’ll make it big’. Alan Mair was at one of the first concerts Queen performed and was able to watch the band grow and flourish. David Bowie was a customer at his shop and helped in the studio with Alan’s second band ‘The Only Ones’. His musical career took off again when Alan went for an audition with a different band and stopped to watch ‘The Only Ones’ rehearse. The band released the song ‘Another Girl, Another Planet’ in 1992, which is considered a rock classic.

Alan Mair has also released other singles including ‘Four Winds’ and ‘Stairway to Hell’. He has another single coming out later this year which will feature a Scottish historical story which reconnects with roots in Scotland.

Alan is excited to release his new song ‘Eyes to the Sky’ on August 6th.