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Luxury Halloween treats at Harvey Nichols

The spooky season is upon us and as the fall sets in with the weather turning grey, it is time to spice up the Halloween party with bright colours, scary decorations and a buffet table that will be the envy of everyone’s taste buds.

At Harvey Nichols, they offer luxury food and drink treats so you can create the ultimate Halloween party. With a beautifully crafted combination of tasty treats and an aesthetic to suit any spooky party, these Halloween delights are perfect for a family or friend gathering or an online toast.

Start your night off by impressing your guests with a Toffee S’Mores Kit. A fun activity that will start the party off with an enthusiastic tasty treat: marshmallows and toffee sauce between biscuits for the ultimate Halloween bite.

Surprise your guests with Harvey Nichols Halloween Cocktails: choose between Corpse Reviver, Zombie Halloween and Smoked Pumpkin Margarita. These epic flavours will get the groove on.

What is a Halloween party without candy? Sweet delights aren’t just for kids and your guests will be elated with the aesthetically pleasing array of sweets from the Sweets in the City Retro Classic Giant Jar of Joy and the Harvery Nichols Extra Sharp Sherbet Lemons Jar. These goodies are sure to go quickly at a party as you can use them as prizes for games or as part of the game itself!

For beautiful, carefully crafted bottles which work as decorations as well as delighting taste buds, try the Mozart Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Cream Liqueur and the Crystal Head Vodka Pride Edition Limited. These Halloween style drinks will enchant your guests as you can use them for cocktails as well.

As the party goes on, be sure to keep everyone happy with rounds of chocolate. The Enchanted Wolfberry Milk Chocolate bars are a perfect prize with a delicate cocoa taste mixed with Wolfberry powder, or goji berry. This enriched chocolate packed with anti-oxidants is the perfect pick-me-up.

Finally, surprise your guests with a Limited Edition Dead Man’s Fingers Rum – the bottles are perfectly spooky to entertain your guests as you mix them a drink to fire up their night. Try sipping it neat or even drizzling it over ice cream for the transcendent midnight snack.

Head down to Harvey Nichols to grab these awesomely spooky treats and charm your guests with a luxurious feast sure to be the envy of any Halloween party.


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