• nyeleni

MIKA: A Dance to Remember

The legendary musician and singer MIKA has announced that due to his 2019 tour being cut short he is creating a performance piece that will be performed in London at the Roundhouse on Sunday the 3rd of July 2022. The musician came to fame with his debut album "Life in Cartoon Motion" in 2007. It was produced by Greg Well and MIKA himself and the lead single "Grace Kelly" was top in the UK charts for five weeks.

The piece is a mixture of dancing and music set in an industrial city-scape. It's a sensitive piece orchestrated to convey the fragility of humans. It seems to be an expression of how even though we all need to stay at home more often, we must try and keep our spirits high. The masculine figures and hard city-lines juxtapose with each-other destabilising our constructs with a gentle softness and reminding us to have extra compassion for our cities. world and friends.

With a career spanning 14 years and a high-level of classical training MIKA has amassed an array of accolades and continues to create defining moments in pop-culture. He organised an online charity concert for the victims of the Lebanon blast in 2020 amongst other things. Most recently he collaborated with renowned composer and conductor Simon Leclerc, where the pair worked alongside the Philharmonie de Paris to perform orchestral versions of his hit tracks.

The ‘For the Rite of Spring Performance’ will be a fabulous and moving experience, a performance that is sure to wow the audience. It will be a dance to remember and reflect on the struggles of the past years. If the show does well in London maybe it will get a chance to visit Scotland.