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Nilgiri Spice

Located in Tollcross, Edinburgh, Nilgiri Spice is an Indian restaurant that stands apart. The cuisine features all the classic you would expect alongside some truly outstanding South Indian cuisine.

Family run, the restaurant has a remarkable chef at the helm, A Kumar, with 25 years of extensive experience in South Indian Cuisine. The main highlight of their restaurant is the magic recipes of the chef and his team while maintaining the quality throughout. It may sound like the usual PR from a restaurant but tasting is truly believing. Check out the vegetarian dish Bhindi Bhaji Masala; Okra cooked with fresh grated coconut, curry leaves and mild spices or their famous Dosa. For meat lovers, they give a whole new meaning to the dish "mixed grill" and it's just one of many, many tremendous dishes available that will take you on a journey of a world of flavours.

From Friday 9th October, the restaurant will sadly close inline with Scottish Government orders, but all is not lost as their take-out and delivery service will continue. If ordering during peak-times, we recommend pre-ordering early as you can expect, Nilgiri Spice gets extremely busy.

Address: 14-14a Brougham Street, Tollcross, Edinburgh EH3 9JH

Telephone: 0131 229 5578

Online: https://nilgirispice.co.uk

We have reached out to Manoj and his team for comment on the current state of play.