• Amy Middleton


Recently nominated for Best Metal Performance at the GRAMMY awards, genre-bending provocateur Poppy is venturing into the world of fashion and has teamed up with vegan footwear brand KOI footwear and designed two shoes for the exclusive Poppy’s Little Secret collection.

Inspired by Poppy’s musical duality and avant-garde persona, the two styles are juxtaposed using calming pastels and daring spikes. Attached to each shoe is a co-branded one of a kind, holographic locket designed to be kept as a keepsake of the partnership, or to be worn with the shoes. The premium range of cruelty free footwear includes the pastel blue Mary Jane-style ‘Dear’, which feature a 2” bubble trainer sole and six pointed spikes at the toe, and the ‘Peppy’, a platform trainer with pastel detailing. The shoes retail for £70 and £75 respectively.

Koi Footwear’s CEO Uzair Ahmad said: “Am I dreaming? Working with Poppy? No, this is reality and is something I have to remind myself often. Creatively, she is the best out there at what she does, so having this opportunity to co-design this collection with her is nothing short of a dream come true”.

The collection is a guaranteed sell out and available now from: www.koifootwear.com/collections/poppy

Poppy recently performed at the GRAMMYs, where she premiered her killer new single EAT. “It was unexpected, but it was great”, she said of her nomination, “The GRAMMYs are the GRAMMYs, they’re one of the biggest and greatest awards that you can get in music. But there are some people that I love and respect who have never been nominated, and it’s a very small percentage of people who get to have that attached to their name for the rest of their career – ​‘GRAMMY nominated’ or ​‘GRAMMY award winner’, whatever that may be. I never thought it would happen, but now I can call myself a GRAMMY nominated artist, and I am very excited about it”.

Check out Poppy’s performance of EAT below.