• kaitlynchatwood

Scottish rapper makes waves with release of new EP

The newest rapper on Scotland’s music scene continues to make waves after a sold-out show in Glasgow and the release of his new EP, ‘M4’. Bemz showcases his talent and his passion for music, combined with raw truth-telling in his lyrics, in his new EP which has been bolstered by the likes of Aberdeen’s Chef and Paisley’s Washington.

Bemz has worked hard to create ‘M4’ which is comprised of stunning soundscapes with standing beats to move your head to while you process the weight of Bemz’ uncompromising story-telling. A rapper and a figurehead for Scottish hip-hop, Bemz has returned triumphant with ‘M4’.

Each track explores a unique aspect of Bemz in his life which he tells with power and grace. The sounds and overlapping rhythms push and pull you into new directions and new atmospheres which encompass what life is about. Each verse is packed with tight lyricism and bounces through the unadorned beats. The first single is ‘26’ which is a hazy, summertime heater that sees Bemz navigate his 26th year; through the anxieties of a global lockdown to the joy of becoming a new father.

Backed up by his collaborations with Chef, Brandon Cutkelvin and Washington, Bemz’ track In My Feelings sees him burrowing into his own introversion gruelling self-analysis, while Washington keeps the pace with his own inimitable flow. A master of his craft with his lyrics and sounds, Bemz demonstrates the power he holds as he tells his story.

To celebrate the release of ‘M4’ Bemz played a sold-out headline show last Thursday at SWG3’s Poetry Club in Glasgow which has been hailed a success. Alongside some of Glasgow’s exciting emerging rap talent, Bemz was able to demonstrate how it’s done with an incredible foray of fans to support him and his music.

Bemz has been writing music since he was a teenager which shows his lifetime passion. Now based in Glasgow, he continues to write lyrics which are rooted in raw honesty and self-exploration. He has accumulated a wealth of support which includes an exclusive live session with BBC Scotland earlier this year in April as part of their TUNE X BBC Introducing collaboration series.

‘M4’ follows the success of Bemz’ other EP released in October 2020, ‘Saint of Lost Causes’ which has recently been nominated for Scottish Album of the Year award and features the singles ‘Flex’ and Suddenly’.

With several successful singles across his EP’s, Bemz continues to rise to the forefront of Scotland’s rap scene with the preservation and endurance of his powerful lyrics which roll of his tongue combined with his own easy charm.