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Skinny Lister releases new album

Skinny Lister has released their title track new single, ‘A Matter of Life & Love’ ahead of their fifth studio album which comes out this Friday, 22nd October.

Skinny Lister released their new single earlier this month which is the title track of their fifth album ‘A Matter of Life & Love’. This uplifting single brings out the best of each band member and their finessed talents as they ride out the pandemic and push towards a more hopeful future. The year looks promising ahead of the album release and a UK tour with a show in Glasgow.

Their new single promises to be one of the most uplifting as it represents all that is cheerful and fun, with inspiring lyrics to bring a smile on down days. The classics sounds of bar-room piano, a bassline which walks us through the beats of the day and a saxophone that lifts you into abundance. The video itself is all the members of the band jumping enthusiastically in the sunshine on a trampoline. The childish laughter and playfulness remind the viewer of the better times as a child and the hope that days can be brighter and better once more.

The sneak peek of the single title-track promises a golden, lively album for its releases set this week. It was written over the past 18 months and is the first to be entirely written, produced, recorded and mixed by the band. Each member brought their individual influence and style to the 12 tracks. From rock to ska to folk-punk to traditional shanty, the charms of Skinny Lister shine through the songs in the weaving, enchanting melodies and beautiful vocals. This album is about camaraderie and companionship through the thick and thin as we celebrate the simple things of life.

The singer of the title-track, Dan Heptinstall explains; “‘A Matter Of Life & Love’ is us capturing a collection of very true stories and feelings, that have really ‘mattered’ to us over the past year or so. And the title track is a reminder to recognise the moments in life that really matter, but that can sometimes seem ‘trivial’ or ‘throwaway’ – a sentiment likely borne out of those months of enforced limited social contact last year.”

Skinny Lister starts their headline UK tour in November and will continue to bring their charm to stages around the UK as they celebrate their new album and new freedoms. They will be in Glasgow at the King Tuts on November 27th which has been central to the Scottish live music scene since it opened in 1990.

Check out their new single ahead of their upcoming album released this Friday, ‘A Matter of Life & Love’.