• kaitlynchatwood

Slow Readers Club Release New Single in line with UK Tour Dates

The Slow Readers Club are back in Edinburgh on their UK tour to perform their two albums released in 2020 under lockdown as well as their brand new single ‘Tell No Lies’.

The band which first formed in 2011 have created a respected name amongst themselves with their poetically revelatory lyrics sung by Aaron Starkie with his strong resounding voice. The refined, modern indie sound is pulled through with the guitars which weave around each other to bring the listener in closer.

The Slow Readers Club, which hails from Manchester, are back with their most anthemic single ‘Tell No Lies’. The single differs from their previous songs as it has a more uplifting sound with dramatic rhythms which sway you towards the fist-bumping beats. Co-produced by Steven Ansell from Blood Red Shoes and the band’s long-term collaborator, Phil Bulleyment, the song brings a new shade of sound to the band as it was made for a live audience.

Aaron says; “[t]he song is about music’s ability to transport you somewhere else and take away your anxieties…Lyrically it’s a bit of a conscious departure from our more introspective, existential, doom-laden stuff that we are known for. Feels like the world needs upbeat tunes now, as real life has been bleak enough.”

The music video is a creative piece of power over others and how we should lead. Fans of Line of Duty will recognise Craig Parkinson, aka DI Matthew ‘Dot’ Cotton, who leads the faith group in the video. A simple yet powerful display of the lies we tell and the easy breaks in loyalty, both Aaron, the lead singer, and Craig match energy with their intensity.

The collaboration came about through an unlikely meeting. Aaron Starkie explains “I met Craig at Kendal Calling, he was stood talking to Chris Hawkins and Tim Burgess at the time. It was one of those weird things where you feel like you’ve met before, I think Chris saw me trying to figure it out and then pointed out that I would know him from Line of Duty. We since got chatting on Twitter and he let us know that he was a fan of the band and kindly offered to be in the video. He’s a top bloke, so generous with his time and brought great energy to the shoot.”

The band are excited to finally be on the road again after lockdown. Their original tour was meant to headline their album ‘The Joy of the Return’ released in March 2020. After it has been rescheduled 3 times, the band are finally able to sing and rock out with fans across the UK as they head not just their newest single but two albums, ‘The Joy of the Return’ and ’91 Days in Isolation’ which was released in October.

The tour started on September 25th in Sheffield and the band is touring across the UK with the final performance on the 15th October in Manchester - bringing the Slow Readers Club back home before their EU tour in 2022.

Lockdown has been hard for everyone and The Slow Readers Club is the ideal band to rock to as we reopen venues and welcome the return of people and live music.

Join them in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Liquid Rooms on Thursday September 30th. Tickets available here.