• kaitlynchatwood

St James Quarter releases Episode 3

The masterminds behind the brand-new St James Centre in Edinburgh have provided an incredible insight into the background of the new structure and retail centre. They have released a new video which showcases some of the brands in the centre and their story to how they came to be located in Edinburgh’s city centre.

Episode 3 of the ‘Behind the Quarter’ series has been released which features an in-depth interview with Nick Peel, the managing director of St James Quarter as he talks through the highlights of the recent opening. It also has exclusive interviews with managers of several newly opened places, such as the manager of Rituals, Krispy Kreme, Lane 7 and the fantastic new eatery business ‘Bonnie and Wild’; which has collated various Scottish restaurants and bars for the ultimate food experience in the heart of Edinburgh.

St James Quarter continues to be the buzz of the city centre as it draws crowds with the variety of clothing stores, restaurants and lifestyle shops the new shopping centre offers. Up to an excess of 3 million visitors have passed through the newly outfitted space which was expanded to a 1.7 million sq ft to accommodate an astounding number of retail stores, a hotel, a spa, restaurants and an Everyman cinema. Although the hotel and spa have not yet opened, their unveiling is eagerly anticipated.

Check out their brand-new video here with all the latest features and interviews with the fantastic workers and managers who have allowed St James Quarter to run smoothly and successfully.