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The Ghost of Christmas' Past

The Real Mary King’s Close confirms ghostly activity following paranormal investigation

Following a live streamed investigation, paranormal activity, including the sounds of children’s voices and eery tapping sounds, has been recorded at Edinburgh’s 5-star visitor attraction, The Real Mary King’s Close.

The one hour and 45-minute investigation led by Scottish Paranormal, used established investigative tools like Franks Box scanning and focused on the exploration of real life stories of the historic figures who once occupied The Real Mary King’s Close. The three investigators were joined in the underground streets by medium, Lee Dunn and Katie Scott, the attraction’s Guest Experience Manager. Unexplained activity detected in the three locations included two recordings of children’s voices in the Annie’s Room section of the buildings and tapping on the wall in the rooms once occupied by the Chesney family in the 19th Century.

This investigation, which was the first to be live streamed took place on Friday, 13th November was watched by an audience from 42 nationalities across the world. The full results of the investigation will be published on The Real Mary King’s Close website in the next few weeks.

Paul Nixon, General Manager of The Real Mary King’s Close said:

“This investigation was a fascinating experience and one we’re delighted to have been able to share with such a wide audience. There are records showing an unusual number of unexplained events over the years in The Real Mary King’s Close and we’ve worked with a number of scientists and historians to research the people who once lived in the streets. It’s certainly been interesting to see where our historical research has correlated with this paranormal activity. We’re looking forward to the full results of the investigation and even at hosting further investigations in the future”.

Ryan O’Neill, Scottish Paranormal said:

“You can feel the history in this location, and you seriously feel like you have stepped back in time while being watched by the unseen. The live broadcast provided a unique opportunity for viewers to take part and interact. An example of this was when the viewers asked us to sit down rather than stand in Annie’s Room to communicate with the children. As soon as we did so, one of our energy meters went off”.

“With so many more areas to cover, the Close is perfect for further live broadcast events, especially during the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19. It was a very successful investigation, and we look forward to analysing our findings”.

The recording of the investigation is available to watch on The Real Mary King’s Close website and can be viewed in return for a donation to the attraction’s chosen charity, Radio Forth Cash for Kids. The charity aims to improve the lives of children and young people across Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife.

The recording can be accessed here: https://www.realmarykingsclose.com/13th-recording/


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