• kaitlynchatwood

The new Honeyblood project

Stina Marie Claire of Honeyblood has released a brand-new EP ‘A Souvenir of a Terrible Year’ which is a collaboration project between herself and her fans as they worked to create a unique snapshot of Stina’s life as an artist through lockdown.

Her new EP consists of four singular and spectacular songs to showcase how lonely the lockdown was: yet since it was a collaborative effort, Stina conveys the positives of the community through her deep-feeling singing.

When the pandemic hit and lockdown forced everyone indoors, Stina set-up a studio in her home and began plans to develop the ‘Stina Marie Claire’ project. This project is a new and exciting concept whereby fans were invited to take part of the creative process by way of ‘A & R’. Through the membership platform, Patreon, fans who signed up to support Stina and her work were given the opportunity to vote and offer their own ideas across a range of creative decisions. Stina and her fans eventually created ‘A Souvenir of a Terrible Year’ EP.

This EP is rooted in the wonderful community Stina cultivated over lockdown and the positive beats underly the sombre lyrics, creating the enchanting melodies with Stina’s profound voice taking centre-stage.

Stina Marie Claire returned to her DIY roots and looked inwards for her poignant, vulnerable and tender lyrics which are befitting of the times. The EP encapsulates everything Stina and her fans have worked towards which is a reflection of the terrible and turbulent times, whilst encompassing and supporting each other as a community hub.

Stina says about the project; “2020 was a strange year. Trying to navigate the challenges of Covid-19, I set up a wonderful online community, inviting those who love my music to come on a unique journey with me. These fans were able to be a part of my creative process every step of the way; an eye-opening experience not just for them but for me. We made this release together, collaborating directly from artist to fan. If anything, this experience has been a shining beacon of creativity in a time where keeping the embers of inspiration has been so difficult.”

The project came about as Stina was unable to tour and record with her supporting live band. She was in the middle of recording her fourth Honeyblood album when the pandemic first hit and all her future concerts – including a show with the Foo Fighters in Europe – were postponed.

Stina was able to release her EP through her own record label which she co-founded with Robert Kilpatrick in December 2019. ICEBLINK LUCK is the record label and management company based in Glasgow, Scotland which takes its name from the 1990 single by Cocteau Twins. The record label currently represents Ruby Gaines as well as they released her two singles ‘Cardamom’ and ‘Without A Gun’ in late 2020.

The EP is not the only exciting announcement by Stina: there will be a special short film documenting the project which will be broadcast online later this year. On the 23rd of November, Stina will perform the EP in full accompanied by several band members including a strings sections, a drummer and her dad (Sandy Tweeddale) on guitar. Filmed live in a church along the Scottish Borders, all fans who participated and supported the project throughout lockdown via Patreon will be given access to the exclusive broadcast. All those who purchase from the Honeyblood online store, including physical copies of the EP release or merchandise, between now and the broadcast date will also be given exclusive access to the film’s online premiere.

Check out Stina Marie Claire’s new EP and her music video ‘The Human Condition’.