• Sonny Neil

The Rising Tides of Home Renovations

As the desire for home offices, renovated kitchens and spare bedrooms grows more and more popular, how will this affect the way we view property in the future?

If 2020 will be remembered as the year we stayed at home, 2021 will be remembered as the year we renovated our homes. That’s according to new figures released by Edinburgh building experts, Revere Contracts, who have seen the number of enquiries relating to home extensions and renovations soar dramatically within the first quarter.

With traditional work spaces and leisure spaces being closed for the majority of last year, there has been a radical shift as to how we utilise our space at home. Working, eating, exercise and leisure all under one roof has become commonplace throughout lockdown and has shifted the way we view extra space in our houses, influencing home renovations as a result.

Money that would perhaps otherwise have been spent on holidays, eating out, or entertainment is now being invested in home renovation projects instead . In fact, the number of projects undertaken by Revere Contracts within the first quarter of this year has risen by an impressive 216% in comparison to the same time last year.

"The demand for domestic work is unbelievable" says Iain Martin, Managing Director of Revere Contracts. "We used to get around four to five inquiries a week which is very high for a building company, now we get about 15 to 16. It’s like a hamster wheel, the more we progress the faster it gets."

Revere contracts have tracked the top three most popular forms of home renovation throughout 2021, the most popular being home office spaces, with renovated kitchens and spare bedrooms rounding off the list.

During the early days of lockdown, utilising whatever space was available in order to work was a common sight, whether it was the kitchen or living room. However, this seemingly short-term solution has proven to be popular in regards to the work/life balance it brings and with more and more companies open to utilising remote-working, the need for a dedicated office space at home has become more desired.

This can be achieved in a variety of ways, whether it be by converting additional garage space or even creating extensions for your property. However, there are some fundamentals that one must achieve in order to create an excellent office space. As Iain Martin states

"Natural light alone is one of the biggest factors. A minimalist, well-lit and organised room without too much extra space is what most people want. Many people want different things but a bright clean room is what most people want for an office space"

However, as the needs of our homes have changed in response to the pandemic, the way we perceive space has also changed. Solitary activities have become more common and with more and more people content with living alone, living spaces will need to be adjusted to adhere to these desires. As Iain Martin continues:

"I think when it comes to conceptual design the way we view space will change. Normally when you think of places like student halls, it’s all communal areas, for networking and encouraging interaction but with the rise of mental health awareness people are thinking of meditation spaces, cool rooms and fitness areas or gyms. Rooms to get away from things, not necessarily to interact with people.

Regardless of how things progress in the future Covid-19 has shown an has shown that operating from home is not only possible but also preferred by many. As the weeks and months develop, the home will continue to be the central hub of our lives, both professionally and socially.