• kaitlynchatwood

The third Astronomia installment is released

The third transcendent soundtrack installment from the incredible duo Nick Rhodes and Wendy Beven has been released and it is an emotional, eerie journey from the opening bars of ‘Meteor Shower’ to the final notes of ‘The Serpents Tail’.

For those who are looking for something different, something a little sinister which explores the beauty of the universe, then the Astronomia collection is the answer you are looking for.

A collaboration collection of 52 instrumental pieces which pull your soul forward to listen to the dark wonders, these albums mirror the uniqueness of the past year in its complexities of benefits and challenges. The underpinned darker soundspace will leave you floating before the beautiful violin and voices send you soaring.

The latest addition to the collection is ‘Astronomia III: Heaven and Hell in the Serpent’s Tail’ which follows from the second installment ‘Astronomia II: The Rise of Lyra’. Each new album addition is released on a seasonal equinox and the final one is set to be announced on the winter solstice.

Nick Rhodes from the British Rock band Duran Duran and the British artist and sing/violinist Wendy Beavan have been working together since 2018. Although they are separated by oceans, they have worked hard to create these lengthy masterpieces.

They plan to accompany each track on the Astronomia volumes with a carefully crafted and curated visual utilising their shared love of film and photography to allow for the best experience when exploring their works. They will release one visual per week for every week of the year.

Nick said about the project; “The universe became an infinite source of inspiration, taking us on a journey through this sadness to a future filled with awe and hope, exploring the endless beauty of the unknown. Merging the drama and moods of classical music with the textures and atmospheres of analogue synthesizers created the rich palette of sounds that we used to make the Astronomia albums. Each track is like a sonic painting, where different styles, colors and composition form singular pieces that belong in the same exhibition.”

Wendy explains that; “All fifty two pieces we wrote for the Astronomia project have become a memoir locked into a time capsule; musical notation to be released into the mysterious abyss. Nick and I were on a quest to pursue the ineffable, and Astronomia became a landscape for the cinematic vision we share. We found ourselves making an ethereal soundtrack to accompany the process of change we were all experiencing on a global level during that time.”

The third installment continues the beautiful, ethereal soundspace Nick and Wendy have created and we await in anticipation for the final winter volume.

Check out their Astronomia collection on YouTube here.