• Kaitlyn Chatwood

We Live to Survive with MØ

MØ has released a teaser of her upcoming album with the single ‘Live to Survive’.

The single is the first release from the Danish popstar since her album Forever Neverland came out in 2018. There has been much anticipation for her new work and the brand-new song and video are evidence that this new collection will be as much a hit as her previous songs.

The single is a testament to MØ’s inner strength and what she, and everyone, has to overcome. The lyrics are an anthem to survive, and the rhythms are fierce. This strong mixture has created a song which everyone should be singing through these trying times.

The music video is an eclectic ride of exhilarating images. It starts with MØ captivated by the motorcycles and lured away, but then riding around the cage over and over, she feels trapped, and (literally and metaphorically) going in circles. Her dance breakout at the end symbolizes the freedom she feels and when she is able to ride off, it is clear she has the choice to go where she wants. This is what the song is about. Transformation and the strength behind it.

What makes this song such a hit? Her producer SG Lewis and her co-writer Caroline Ailin – who, between the two of them, have worked with Dua Lipa, Victoria Monet, Katy Perry and Ellie Goulding – have helped to create a euphoric, empowering anthem. Together as a trio, they have concocted an exhilarating hit.

Following her mega-hit ‘Lean on me’ from 2015, MØ’s new single is a song which avid fans and new listeners alike will love. We eagerly await more.